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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:Nominees are those authors who have posted 100,000 words of crossover stories and contributed to at least 10 crossover stories during the period Jan 2009 - May 2010. All qualifying authors will be automatically nominated.
Best Crossover Author
196jezaeiri Download
182CrazyDan Download
172mmooch Download
169Greywizard Download
117JoeHundredaire Download

The following nominees did not make the cut for the final stage of voting:

Best Crossover Author
31dollarformyname Download
29FaithWinchester Download
28Mediancat Download
28SariLane Download
26Lucinda Download
24DeepBlueJoy Download
19xanderfan Download
14DaveTurner Download
14Shulik Download
11DireSquirrel Download
10DennSedai Download
10JacobPhoenix Download
9batzulger Download
8Sithicus Download
7kayariley Download
7Manchester Download
5Kate Download
2elizarose Download
2Rorylondra Download
1TTrunks Download
Total votes in this category: 1122. Of these, 195 were secondary votes made after the cut.
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