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Category Definition:This award doesn't care about blood and gore and screaming girls in underwear. It cares about how much the story screws with your head and makes you want to lock your doors and windows at night, just to be sure.
Judge's Citation: Winner:
Marotte by amusewithaview. I picked this one because Dawn's 'visibility problem' was exactly what I was looking for. No blood, no gore, but the story still leaves you with a shudder down your spine. Brilliant.

Honourable Mentions:
Itty Bitty Living Space by Nonlinear. If it weren't for the happy ending, this one would've been it. Great characterizations.
Slayers by mediancat. It's not horror because you know what's going on from the start, but it's decent action and the worlds blend absolutely seamlessly.
Evaluation by Jinxy. Totally nailed Faith. To a Tee. Perfectly. Wonderfully.
Faith's Horrible Award
1Marotte amusewithaview FR13 Download
0Dark Knight, Grey Heart SirWill FR18 Download
0Evaluation Jinxy FR15 Download
0Full Circle Laurelin FR18 Download
0Itty Bitty Living Space Nonlinear FR13 Download
0Jokes On You xandersgirl FR15 Download
0Slayerz Mediancat FR15 Download
0They Found Buffy DireSquirrel FR18 Download
Total votes in this category: 1.
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