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Category Definition:This award is looking for true gems amidst the pile of Halloween fics. The story must include at least one character who retains the memory and/or characteristics of the costume they wore on Halloween.
Judge's Citation: One of the most striking things about Chilord's Echoes of the Fallen is that it focuses on the mental and emotional changes - the changes in perceptions and attitude - that came out of a different costume choice. Xander doesn't walk away from Halloween with superpowers or a magic doohickey. He walks away with the full memories of a life he never lived, and the mental capacity of the man who did. Instead of showing us the extremely powerful costumed super-villain Magneto, we are instead giving Max Eisenhardt, the tortured man who turned into that villain.

The canonical Magneto is a vivid character with a well-developed history and motivations that make painful sense, and Chilord has done him justice here. In Xander, we are given someone with the full understanding of that history, but enough distance to be able to critically reflect on the mistakes that led to the rise of a villain. The changes in Xander's perceptions and behavior are partially due to the inherited memories and experience, but equally to his fear of becoming another Magneto.

Xander becomes neither a hero nor a villain, and that is what makes this not just another Halloween fic. He is a man trying to live his life the best he can. Despite his best efforts, he is not able to prevent or fix all of the problems they encounter. He remains, as in canon, a man who is dedicated to his friends. Seeing how that changes and remains the same makes for a fascinating read.
Lisa F's "Not just another Halloween fic"
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