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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:This award is for the best multi-chapter story that depicts a romantic relationship between an adult slayer and a crossover character who is much (decades) older than she is. Or the reverse. The relationship needs to be an important part of the story. No robots, vampires, elves, or other "immortals" need apply. Examples: Faith/Snape, Kendra/Madam Hooch, Buffy/Emily Gilmore. No PWP fics.
Judge's Citation: What makes this story stand out from the other nominees is the joy and happiness shared between the couple in question.

All of the nominated stories are well written and meet the expectations of the award. Both of the others deserver honourable mentions. "And It Begins" is an unusual view of Faith finding happiness away from slaying. "Life in Sunnyhell" is an interesting look at a Buffy/Snape relationship through the eyes of others, mainly Harry Potter.
ACS' "It's a Slayer-December Romance"
1Concentrated Sarcasm
Buffy/Jack O'Neill
gracerealized FR15 Download
0And It Begins
Faith/Jack O'Neill
EleriMcCleod FR15 Download
0Life in Sunnyhell
niamh FR15 Download
Total votes in this category: 1.
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