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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:This award is for the best "End of the World" story. The catch is that the end of the world has to happen. It could be an apocalyptic event that changes the world as we know it or it could be the more classic destruction of everything that exists type.
Judge's Citation: This was the toughest time I've had so far choosing my mod award. There were so many well done stories nominated. Every story nominated deserves a read. They are all winners in my eyes...of course there can be only one.
Saturn's 2012 Award
1Thirteen Days bastardsnow FR18 Download
0Daughter of the Moon cjsplace FR13 Download
0Full Circle Laurelin FR18 Download
0Indeterminate Place, UK MoragMacPherson FR18 Download
0New divide MerKat FR18 Download
Total votes in this category: 1.
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