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Category Definition:This award is for that story, the one that you really weren't sure about when you clicked on it...whether it was because of the crossover fandom, the pairing (or lack of), the author, but despite all that you stuck with the story and surprise, surprise, it was awesome.
Judge's Citation: Anime has never been one of the categories I've ventured into as a reader. But I'm glad that I was given this chance to read a well-written Anime crossover.

I really liked the concept of this story, it really answered the challenge it was in response to, and it was an enjoyable, easy to follow read.

Thank you EarnestScribbler for putting this story together. It was an interesting take on a 'what if' situation for Season One of Buffy.

I'd like to thank those that made nominations, but I'd really like to thank all the authors for their stories. I've really expanded my fandoms, and was pleasantly surprised to figure out that I enjoyed reading things outside my norm.
Demona's "That didn't suck!"
1Buff the, yeah. EarnestScribbler FR13 Download
0A New Heart DeepBlueJoy FR13 Download
0How Come The Bad Ones Never Stay Dead? sojogogo FR18 Download
0If I Ruled the World EarnestScribbler FR15 Download
0Into the Ocean RemingtonSmythe FR18 Download
0Learning to Deceive WeyrWolfen FR18 Download
0New divide MerKat FR18 Download
0the Muppet Contracts Lucinda FR15 Download
0The one who sees.... dead people CrazyDan FR18 Download
0They Found Buffy DireSquirrel FR18 Download
0Tiriel amusewithaview FR13 Download
0Ursa thetwitmachine FR18 Download
0Velveteen eponine FR13 Download
0Willow's Thief Luna FR18 Download
Total votes in this category: 1.
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