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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:The nominee MUST be a completed BtVS/AtS crossover with an anime.
Best Anime Crossover
721/2 Blessing, 1/2 Curse TDMaster FR21 Download
56THe Intern - A Hellsing / BTVS Tale BHRamsay FR13 Download
46A Slayer of Nightmares LMouse FR18 Download
41Black Sunrise Arjen FR15 Download
35The Onigiri Slayer Ishi FR13 Download
26Protector of the Pink-Haired KarlStahl FR21 Download
16A Bleached Halloween Qellaswe FR13 Download
16Original of the Species, the Slayer and the Saiyan Muadzin FR18 Download
6Original of the Species 2A, The Mayor & the Sa Muadzin FR18 Download
Total votes in this category: 314.
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