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And the Winner is

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Best Literature Crossover
63Without Mercy Or Remorse
Tom Clancy
AnimeRonin FR18 Download
44With a Star
Miles Vorkosigan Series
DonSample FR13 Download
36Next in Line
Merry Gentry
Lotusja FR13 Download
Terry Pratchett
Keswindhover FR13 Download
28An Afternoon In The Life Of
Stephanie Plum
houses FR13 Download
27Next in Line
The da Vinci Code
avidreader FR18 Download
23Paper Legacy
Jane Austen
jedibuttercup FR7 Download
18Come Again to the Sea
Dark is Rising Series
selkie FR13 Download
13Hellmouth, meet Hellbore
Bolo Series
Belisarius FR13 Download
5Final days
Left Behind Series
cwolf FR13 Download
5When in Rome
Stephanie Plum
Norwegianne FR13 Download
Total votes in this category: 314.
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