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Category Definition:The artwork can be a separate fan art posting, or inline art within a story. However, images that are dominated by story titles with little artwork remaining if the words are cropped are not permitted. The story does not need to be complete, but the artwork must be a BtVS/AtS crossover piece. If the story contains a collection of images, please state which one your are nominating in the additional information box. The fanart nominated must have been posted on/after 1 Jan 2009 and before 1 Jun 2010, although other contributions to the collection may have been posted outside of those dates.
Best Fanart
164"Far Beyond Normal" and "Return to Normal" Fanart
Chapter 16: Dark Mirror
Kain FR15 Download
161Visiting Dimensions
Chapter 8: Gotham Slayer 2
DeepRed FR15 Download
Chapter 3: Sacrifice
Pax FR18 Download
69Dean Winchester: Hunter and Lover
Chapter 47: Smoke and Fire
Tanydwr FR13 Download

The following nominees did not make the cut for the final stage of voting:

Best Fanart
24Fanfiction Posters by Chosen Art
Chapter 12 - Lapsang Souchong #1
TheDana FR15 Download
23ART: Hunter & Slayer musesinpsiration FR7 Download
18Odds and Ends: Part 2
Chapter 70: The New Council
MistressAshley FR13 Download
16The Ultimate Family Connor Challenge!
Chapter 5: Connor and the Stargate
TouchoftheWind FR15 Download
13Ficlet for Your Prompt, Drabble for Your Thoughts LightningSkies FR18 Download
12Inspired By Lisette
Chapter 6: GP one more time
Xayian FR7 Download
12LallaBelle's FanArt
Chapter 13: Big Damn Family
LallaBelle FR15 Download
7Crossover Carnival
Chapter 10: Timing is Everything - Yet Again
Silence FR13 Download
7In Other Worlds... Multiple Lives of The Slayer
Chapter 117: Never Shagged
Goddessa FR18 Download
Total votes in this category: 757. Of these, 105 were secondary votes made after the cut.
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