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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:The nominee MUST be a completed BtVS/AtS crossover with a book that does not qualify for a more specific category in this division. No multiple crossovers except between books in the same series.
Best Literature Crossover
162To The Ground FaithUnbreakable FR13 Download
106Handle With Care jedibuttercup FR13 Download
102It Ain't The Size Of The Dog In The Fight Samarkand FR13 Download
100A Walk On The Hellmouth thegoodfight FR18 Download
66The Vor Slayer vogonguard FR18 Download

The following nominees did not make the cut for the final stage of voting:

Best Literature Crossover
29Brotherhood. curiouslywombat FR15 Download
28Sally Ryan, First Daughter, Slayer mmooch FR13 Download
19Wizard And Slayer And Human, Oh My! Manchester FR13 Download
17Hatter's Madness LilNezumi FR18 Download
16Full Circle Laurelin FR18 Download
15Tea with the Queen Mistral FR7 Download
14Dawn Summers and the Octopuses from Mars. DaveTurner FR15 Download
12A Winter Tale. curiouslywombat FR18 Download
9Hank Summers, Dark-Hunter? Jmaria FR18 Download
9Indeterminate Place, UK MoragMacPherson FR18 Download
3Achoo! ReallyBored FR18 Download
Total votes in this category: 825. Of these, 114 were secondary votes made after the cut.
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