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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:The nominee MUST be a completed BtVS/AtS crossover with Harry Potter. No multiple crossovers.
Best Harry Potter Crossover
211Obvious Only To A Scooby SusanAnthony FR13 Download
148Private Investigations poe FR18 Download
146Road of Innocence ladyvisionary FR13 Download
142Hogwarts Four FaithUnbreakable FR13 Download
17What You Did DragonKitty FR15 Download
15Dinner with Voldemort MegKF FR13 Download

The following nominees did not make the cut for the final stage of voting:

Best Harry Potter Crossover
42Accidentally Magical KJDekker FR13 Download
27"…But What We Make For Ourselves" Greywizard FR18 Download
23The Boy-Who-Lived ... to be a Vengeance Demon?? MistressAshley FR15 Download
18The reading Hawklan FR13 Download
17Hermione Granger and the girl who died MistofRainbows FR18 Download
17Uncle "Rab" LilNezumi FR15 Download
16I'm Completely Xirius, Guys! Greywizard FR13 Download
16Seduction by Darkness DragonKitty FR15 Download
15Under the Hot African Sun SilkenSky FR15 Download
12Eros' Brew TwistedSlinky FR15 Download
11Maybe Not So Obvious SusanAnthony FR13 Download
10Broken lckybr FR18 Download
10Healing at Hogwarts DeacBlue FR18 Download
8Crucible amusewithaview FR13 Download
5I Am For You Riverchic FR15 Download
4Twins and... Not twins? sciphy FR21 Download
3Lemon Drops DeAnno FR15 Download
2Per aspera ad astra lothlorien FR13 Download
Total votes in this category: 1050. Of these, 145 were secondary votes made after the cut.
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