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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:Buffy MUST be the main focus of the story and the story must be a crossover. The story must be at least 1,000 words in length.
Best Portrayal of Buffy
322Dawning Familiarity NotJana FR15 Download
143A Little DiNozzo toots FR15 Download
137Lost and Found NotJana FR15 Download
124Learning to Breathe jezaeiri FR13 Download
87My Immortal elisi FR13 Download

The following nominees did not make the cut for the final stage of voting:

Best Portrayal of Buffy
29New Dawn Laney FR15 Download
29Normalcy and the Take Away Devil FaithUnbreakable FR15 Download
24Star, Cross and Dirt FaithUnbreakable FR13 Download
20To The Ground FaithUnbreakable FR13 Download
19Oleander Wine Ava FR18 Download
18Force of a Slayer DracoTamer FR15 Download
17Capacity for Wings FaithUnbreakable FR13 Download
16Road of Innocence ladyvisionary FR13 Download
16Talk the Talk texaswookie FR7 Download
15What You Did DragonKitty FR15 Download
14Daughter of the Moon cjsplace FR13 Download
14These Small Hours jezaeiri FR13 Download
13Charmed Places mmooch FR13 Download
12Explains everything Shulik FR15 Download
5Full Circle Laurelin FR18 Download
1Have Seen Goddessa FR18 Download
Total votes in this category: 1094. Of these, 179 were secondary votes made after the cut.
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