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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:Nominees must be listed on the FFA page as a completed pairing. If you are nominating an FFA that is in a ficlet collection, please specify the chapter you are nominating in the additional information box when nominating.
Best FFA Entry
Xander/Dr. Benjamin Franklin Pierce
PaBurke FR15 Download
116Goddess of Prophecy
Buffy/Jacob Carter
jedibuttercup FR13 Download
63Very limber
Buffybot/Jack O'Neill
Norwegianne FR13 Download
61Looking Good
Buffy/Mace Windu
Coldhands FR13 Download
46Windows on Other Worlds
Buffy/Elizabeth Weir
jedibuttercup FR7 Download

The following nominees did not make the cut for the final stage of voting:

Best FFA Entry
21Legends of the Past
Buffy/Carlisle Cullen
Amers FR7 Download
18FFA Contributions
Buffy Summers/The Master
Immortal FR13 Download
18So help you God
Sam Winchester/Lindsey McDonald
Effie FR13 Download
Total votes in this category: 530. Of these, 40 were secondary votes made after the cut.
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