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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:The nominee MUST be an unfinished BtVS/AtS crossover with Stargate.
Best Unfinished Crossover (Stargate)
65Lesser Children Starbright FR18 Download
61Secrets: A Father Goose Tale litmouse FR18 Download
49Destiny Up For Grabs Sheilynn FR18 Download
34Daniel's Daughter RudesMom FR15 Download
32Chaotic Existence tohonomike FR15 Download
28Hearts Adrift eponine FR13 Download
27Dawn's New Job IndraLeigh FR13 Download
27Live in this World, Year Zero PaBurke FR15 Download
27Uncle John jedibuttercup FR13 Download
25Scooby Through the Stargate thecrystalkey FR15 Download
22Perpetual Tuesday Coldhands FR15 Download
20Of Protectors and Families jessie FR13 Download
20Practical Linguistics Allyndra FR15 Download
18Conception by Conspiracy kimbclar FR13 Download
16Stargate Andromeda mystic FR15 Download
16Things To Do In Colorado Springs When You're Bored becuzitswrong FR18 Download
15Undertow polgara FR21 Download
13Phoenix and Fire Sigma FR15 Download
12The Gift of a Family FireDragon FR15 Download
11Will You Care For Her? RudesMom FR13 Download
9Slats: Moments in Time Tassos FR7 Download
9Three Warriors. Lotusja FR15 Download
7Destruction, Absolute AngelaM FR15 Download
7Divine Justice CharlotteB FR18 Download
6Beneath the Surface Revello FR21 Download
6Queen Seekers Stranger FR18 Download
6What If They Don't Come Back RudesMom FR18 Download
4She MEANT Everywhere JoeB FR13 Download
3Not Quite Heaven kimbclar FR18 Download
2Shadowed Mind Ava FR15 Download
2The More Things Change The More They Stay the Same kimbclar FR13 Download
Total votes in this category: 599.
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