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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:Nominees must be listed on the FFA page as a completed pairing.
Best FFA Entry
Thethuthinnang FR7 Download
32The great SG-1 FFA caper.
Chapter 1: Xander/Daniel Jackson
Abby FR7 Download
31Goddess of Prophecy
Buffy/Jacob Carter
jedibuttercup FR13 Download
28To Watch The Storm
Valandar FR15 Download
24Five Men Faith Never Called 'Daddy'
Chapter 2: Prior Misdeeds (Faith/Alan Shore)
eponine FR13 Download
19Another Day at the SWCI Headquarters.
Chapter 6: Address in a Dream (Giles/Allison Dubois)
IndraLeigh FR13 Download
18Of Sugar and Spice and all things Nice
Kiara FR7 Download
17Dimensions of Fury
Xander/Nick Fury
Scorpio FR18 Download
17They Turned His Room Into A Bloody Shrine
Buffy/Oliver Wood
Demongirl FR13 Download
16Very limber
Buffybot/Jack O'Neill
Norwegianne FR13 Download
13All you can read
Chapter 1: 'Fallen' Angel; Dawn/Leo Wyatt
sevangel FR18 Download
13Slay Bells Ring
Chapter 31: Shop Talk (Xander/Clark Kent)
Mhalachai FR15 Download
13The Plush-Toy Hospital
Mr. Gordo / Bert the Hippo (NCIS)
FlitShadowflame FR13 Download
12FFA Contributions
Chapter 4: Nice and Easy (Anya/Harry Potter)
Immortal FR13 Download
Buffy/John Winchester
Chosenfire FR15 Download
11You Owe Me One and Mr. Morality
Chapter 2: Mr. Morality (Buffy/Josef)
jezaeiri FR15 Download
Oz/Sam Winchester
supercrossnatural FR15 Download
10Fic For All
Chapter 3: Job Interview (Giles/Robert Langdon)
DonSample FR13 Download
10Funny Little Hat
PrincessTai FR13 Download
10Heroes And Slayers
Chapter 1: Faith/Niki
RavenMorbisk FR15 Download
10Legal Affairs
Angel/Daniel Jackson
MaeveBran FR13 Download
9Evil, Or Something Else?
Chapter 1: This Is My Skin! (Willow/Dean Winchester)
supernaturalfanatic FR15 Download
7Metropolis, Superheroes, and New Beginnings
DanKnight FR15 Download
4Communication Barriers
Chapter 6: Totally Like a Valley Pig (Mr. Gordo/Sigmund)
Cameron FR15 Download
4Life in A Minor
Chapter 6: Faith/Bellatrix
Damia FR15 Download
Total votes in this category: 412.
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