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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:The artwork can be a separate fan art posting, or inline art within a story. The story does not need to be complete, but the artwork must be a BtVS/AtS crossover piece.
Best Fanart
49The Workings of the Forge
Chapter 84: Never be diminished...(Illyria/River)
Forge FR13 Download
39Clan O'Neill
Chapter 8: Clan SG-1 (updated version)
MrsAndisMom FR7 Download
38Desktop Art
Chapter 1: Supernatural Dawn
tals FR13 Download
35Xander's Loving Faces
Chapter 7: The White Knight and the Devil's Ghost Rider
TexasAries FR18 Download
28A Touch of Destiny
Chapter 10: She Doesn't Look Like Much
jezaeiri FR18 Download
28Art of the Twisted
Chapter 3: House's Key (BtVS, House)
KaylaShay FR13 Download
21Unfamiliar Universe
Chapter 6: Faithpire!
eponine FR7 Download
17Slayer Seduction
Chapter 7: Lord and Lady Buffy/Aragorn
Chosenfire FR7 Download
16Darkness is a Friend of Mine Fanart
Chapter 2: The Guardians of Darkness
musesinpsiration FR7 Download
16Supernaturally Twisted
Chapter 33: Light of Love (Supernatural; BtVS)
KaylaShay FR13 Download
14Skin Deep
Chapter 35: Wicked Creatures
Ava FR7 Download
14The Ass
Chapter 3: Two Worlds Collide
Serenity FR7 Download
Chapter 1: Sisters
AngelaM FR7 Download
11Stargate: Slayer
Chapter 1: Operation Match-maker
Tanydwr FR13 Download
9Hustlerverse Fanart
Chapter 7: Eyes
Bee FR7 Download
9The Problem Child- Fanart
Chapter 5: Soft & Green with text
zoev FR7 Download
6World We Made ~ Art
Chapter 4: Ever After (revised) - 2nd Picture
EmlynII FR7 Download
Chapter 1: Hunters
dhfreak FR7 Download
2Saturn's Fantastical Fanart
Chapter 1: Call of the Wild (Supernatural/BtVS)
Saturn FR7 Download
2Whispers In Your Ear
Chapter 5: A walking timebomb
Tanydwr FR13 Download
Total votes in this category: 445.
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