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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:Nominated stories must be complete, and have two or more fandoms that do not include BtVS/AtS.
Best Non-BtVS/AtS Crossover
73Balancing Act
Stargate; Anita Blake
Mhalachai FR15 Download
59Songs Across the Ocean
Stargate; Harry Potter
Mhalachai FR13 Download
42Lily Dying
Anita Blake; Harry Potter
FaithUnbreakable FR15 Download
40Moms: A Father Goose Offshoot
Alias; Gilmore Girls
litmouse FR15 Download
36Nine Lives
Lois & Clark; Highlander; Batman
MarcusRowland FR15 Download
31Different Eyes
Anita Blake; Firefly
Mhalachai FR15 Download
29Pas de Bas
Supernatural; Harry Potter
Charlotte FR21 Download
29What is That Thing?
Stargate; Lelo & Stitch
Aesop FR7 Download
28Birds of a Feather
Stargate; The Sentinel
AlecStar FR13 Download
Sandman; CSI Las Vegas
MarcusRowland FR7 Download
Total votes in this category: 485.
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