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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:Kayla Shay has a secret and she's not sharing it until the winners are announced. No nominations need apply.
Judge's Citation: So the secret is out and this award is going to jrabbit...


For those who don't know, jrabbit put together the wonderful code that makes these awards tick. Last year, I had to do the nominations via email and excel spreadsheets that just about drove me mad and jrabbit saved the day in that by making the voting automated and connected to the site.

Then he improved this year by adding further automation with the nominations. The excel spreadsheets are history and approving (or unapproving) nominations was a synch. There were a few close calls with that delete button that didn't have an 'are you sure' message at first, but now that is fixed and things are wonderful.

Jrabbit doesn't accept nominations for any of his fics and many of you out there wanted to nominate him (myself included). This is my little way of giving jrabbit some credit for his work on both the award site and the main TTH site as well as his great fics (you should check them out if you haven't).

So THANK YOU!! And congrats on winning the first ever, "I've Got a Secret Award!"
I've Got a Secret Award
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