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Category Definition:Nominees must be an FR21 rated crossover that centers on Faith and has a healthy dose of porn. Plot optional.
Judge's Citation: From plot driven to yummy threesomes to graphically real minute men (that happens to everyone I hear…well maybe not everyone, everyone) I’m awash in glorious sweaty and dear lord there’s a lot of great Faith smut but alas I had to decide on only one. So I was able to narrow it down two very deserving fics that managed to make two characters that I don’t find sexy at all very, extremely sexy. Who’d have thought that Xander and McKay could be hot? Okay, a lot apparently but in my little fan world not so much.

So I fretted and thought and pondered asking Kayla or jrabbit if I could award two people but in the end I decided to suck it up and choose. So Demona’s ‘Blame it on that evil *bleeping* witch!’ receives an honorable mention for making me ponder the logistics and hotness of that particular Faith sandwich.

And Vesica’s ‘Three to One’ gets the congratulations for making me give McKay a second glance and think ‘hmmmm’ which just seems so odd. Your story made me question my own views on a character and damn if that isn’t an impressive thing—well to me anyways. Well done!
Ava's Faithful Porn Award
1Three to One Vesica FR21 Download
0All The Fun Of The Circus Kiwikatipo FR21 Download
0Blame it on that evil *bleeping* witch! Demona FR21 Download
0Nothing else matters Kiwikatipo FR21 Download
0Return To Normal: Chapter Six – NSFW Version jAkL FR21 Download
0The flipped side of My daughter…the what? sevangel FR21 Download
0What are you going to do? ebonypsyche FR21 Download
Total votes in this category: 1.
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