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Category Definition:For those crossover stories about the old(er) humans in the Scoobie's lives, dedicated to Giles and Joyce and their brief moment in Band Candy. Eligible fics include those where the primary relationship involves shipping Joyce, Giles, Jenny Calendar, Snyder, Mayor Wilkins, Willy the bartender, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, even Quentin Travers, etc. (the grown-ups), with a crossover character.
Judge's Citation: Honorable Mentions go to Bee's "Not Exactly the Brady's" and belgintei's "Can My Life Get Any Weirder".
ACS' Band Candy Award
1Dark Haven 1: Hunter's Moon elementalv FR21 Download
0Anchor PaBurke FR15 Download
0Can My Life Get Any Weirder belgintei FR15 Download
0Five Times Joyce Cheated on Hank
Chapter 1: Jack O'Neill
Demona FR15 Download
0Little Tiger Alixtii FR18 Download
0Locked Room Problems ElizabethCulmer FR21 Download
0New Beginnings moonfox FR15 Download
0Not Exactly the Bradys Bee FR15 Download
0Only Sky Above Us Ava FR13 Download
0Things Left Unsaid moonfox FR15 Download
0Unlikely mariah FR15 Download
Total votes in this category: 1.
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