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Category Definition:This award is for unfinished fics that have not been updated at TtH in 6 months that readers would like to see continued. (does not guarantee that the author will continue)
Judge's Citation: I picked JustaGuy's "A Life Derailed" because he is able to write a story for the reader to simply read without having to have intimiate knowledge of both realms. The characters are always spot-on and great detail and time is given to the plot and structure of each chapter. Great job. I enjoy reading everything JustaGuy has to offer!

Other Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):
Beneficia's A Hundred Empty Spaces
Ava's Hollow Places
Angelaask's The Problem Child
Malana's Truth, Justice and the Lesbian Way
Eponine's What's to Come
Grey Matter's Marching Orders
TheCrystalKey's Rising, Part 1
DonSample's Are You Ready
Demona's Please Don't Forgot About Me Award
1A Life Derailed justaguy FR18 Download
0A Hundred Empty Spaces Beneficia FR15 Download
0A Knight's Journey Willowfan FR15 Download
0Anywhere You Go websandwhiskers FR18 Download
0Are You Ready? DonSample FR15 Download
0Blood Bonds Memet FR15 Download
0Bodyguard Buffy PaBurke FR15 Download
0Brothermine echo FR18 Download
0California Screaming Booster FR15 Download
0Cascade Visions tals FR13 Download
0Champion Industries Arieanna FR15 Download
0Destiny Up For Grabs Sheilynn FR18 Download
0Destiny's Gifts musesinpsiration FR15 Download
0Discovery - Book II - Death Becomes Her Lucifael FR21 Download
0Evolution Kudra FR15 Download
0Family Legacy GwenythHunter FR18 Download
0First Knight AshaDreamweaver FR15 Download
0Gates & Stakes Teri FR13 Download
0Hands coulduseprozac FR18 Download
0Harry Potter and The Sorcerer Lucifael FR15 Download
0Her Vacation shadansa FR15 Download
0Hollow Places Ava FR18 Download
0In This Reality or The Next Coldhands FR18 Download
0JOURNEYS Kudra FR18 Download
0Katie Giles returns to Hogwarts sevangel FR15 Download
0La Casa en La Boca del Infierno Snag FR18 Download
0Lil' Boy big power MerKat FR13 Download
0Marching Orders GreyMatter FR18 Download
0Phoenix and Fire Sigma FR15 Download
0Reflection of the sun dogbertcarroll FR18 Download
0Rising Pt.1 thecrystalkey FR18 Download
0Scooby Through the Stargate thecrystalkey FR15 Download
0Shadows of the Soul Verbosity FR15 Download
0Snake Charming echo FR15 Download
0Some Kind of Heaven Emmy FR21 Download
0Tears in our Cheerios CousinMary FR15 Download
0The Other Girl acs FR18 Download
0The Passing Storm sean FR13 Download
0The Problem Child angelaask FR15 Download
0Till We Meet Again Chosenfire FR18 Download
0Total Shell Shock Jonathan FR18 Download
0Truth, Justice, and the Lesbian Way Malana FR15 Download
0Úthaes o Gwador’Nín scoobywannabe FR15 Download
0Waking Up New MerKat FR15 Download
0What To Do DarkDesire FR18 Download
0What's to Come eponine FR15 Download
0When It Changes restive FR21 Download
0When it's Time to Change Sheilynn FR13 Download
0Wrong Number BuffyWinchester FR18 Download
Total votes in this category: 1.
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