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Category Definition:The nominee MUST be a completed BtVS/AtS crossover with Stargate.
Best Stargate Crossover
92Going home through a Starry Mirror theICEBear FR18 Download
87Return To Normal jAkL FR18 Download
77Godless Provenance Lisette FR15 Download
52A Sarcophagus in Sunnydale thecrystalkey FR13 Download
39A Hacking Good Time Kei FR15 Download
35The Key to Byzantium MarcusRowland FR13 Download
29Wish Granted Scorpio FR13 Download
28Magical Cage litgal FR18 Download
27Worth Fighting For EleriMcCleod FR15 Download
26Willow The Ancient angrymonkey FR18 Download
16How I Spent My Alleged Summer Vacation selkie FR13 Download
16To Be, or Not To Be DonSample FR15 Download
14Myself in You FaithUnbreakable FR13 Download
13Beyond Hope Ava FR18 Download
13Knower of Names jedibuttercup FR13 Download
13The Slayer Walks Into A Bar kimbclar FR21 Download
12The Magic of Wormholes lyapunov FR15 Download
11Hero for a New World captuniv FR13 Download
9The Essence of Us Sheilynn FR13 Download
7Reunification Via the Pagan-Tech Express Sheilynn FR15 Download
7The Demonchasers selkie FR15 Download
6Just Passing Through Booster FR13 Download
5Moonfall jedibuttercup FR13 Download
5Second Chance. Lotusja FR15 Download
4Overlap – Jurisdiction justaguy FR15 Download
2Overlap - Job Interview justaguy FR13 Download
1Fine Lines Jesmin FR13 Download
1Let Me Go polgara FR15 Download
1Off We Go Riversong FR13 Download
Total votes in this category: 728.
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