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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:Dawn MUST be the main focus of the story and the story must be a crossover.
Best Portrayal of Dawn
106The Key To Marauding Anoron FR18 Download
69Return To Normal jAkL FR18 Download
48Harry Potter and the Key of Dagon DonSample FR15 Download
41Loyalties: A Father Goose Tale litmouse FR18 Download
40Dawning Light: Strange Little Girl, Look At You Mhalachai FR15 Download
36Thirteen Days bastardsnow FR18 Download
28How I Spent My Alleged Summer Vacation selkie FR13 Download
25Dawning Light: Talks? Bad Mhalachai FR13 Download
24To Be, or Not To Be DonSample FR15 Download
225 things Daniel couldn't translate, but Dawn could Strangevisitor FR7 Download
19Many the Hearts eponine FR13 Download
18Two Worlds Collide polgara FR18 Download
17Ilfirin Meleth Anoron FR18 Download
16Omphalos MarcusRowland FR13 Download
14Dawn's Fine Abra FR18 Download
13Four Shades Dean Hated, and the One He kinda Liked Jmaria FR15 Download
12Black Sunrise Arjen FR15 Download
12Contact with the Great Unknown LiastraLee FR15 Download
9The Lost Treasure of Wishnik SierraPhoenix FR13 Download
9To Dust Mhalachai FR13 Download
8Adventures in Babysitting Demona FR15 Download
8In the Beginning Chosenfire FR15 Download
8Other Surnames That Dawn Never Had Booster FR7 Download
5What Once Was And Now Is Demona FR21 Download
4Family Tradition Demona FR13 Download
2The Second Task Hatteress FR15 Download
1Spot on the Road Mhalachai FR13 Download
Total votes in this category: 635.
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