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And the Winner is

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Category Definition:The nominated villain MUST be part of a BtVS/AtS crossover story and can be can be from any fandom or an original character, but not Angelus, Faith, Illyria, Spike or Willow.
Best Portrayal of a Villain
158Return To Normal
The First Evil
jAkL FR18 Download
107An Echo of Thunder
Richard Wilkins III aka The Midgard Serpent
anotherlostsoul FR15 Download
94Loyalties: A Father Goose Tale
Irina Derevko
litmouse FR18 Download
49Tidal Wave
Mommy Dearest
FaithUnbreakable FR15 Download
25Deal with the Devil
The Master (Dr Who)
Forge FR13 Download
25Sinkin' Down
Crossroads Demon
Ava FR13 Download
24A Stroke Of Luck
Gordon Walker
Demona FR15 Download
21The Concerned Citizen
Ethan Rayne
Skoellya FR15 Download
18Next in Line
First Evil
avidreader FR18 Download
15I Never Said Wish
A Trickster
supernaturalfanatic FR15 Download
13Tabula Avatar
Tazok, Chapters 19-27
Speakertocustomers FR18 Download
9Fighting for Strangers.
DaveTurner FR15 Download
Total votes in this category: 558.
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