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And the Winner is

CharactersCrossoversMod AwardsOverallStory Types
Best Unfinished Crossover (Other)
114Prophecies? We Don't Need No Stinking Prophecies!
Multiple Crossovers
Greywizard FR18 Download
87First Knight
Lord of the Rings
AshaDreamweaver FR15 Download
68Tears in our Cheerios
Anita Blake
CousinMary FR15 Download
64Dawning Light
Anita Blake
Mhalachai FR13 Download
43The Chronicles of Riddick: The Underverse
Pitch Black
aewnaur FR18 Download
32Affaire du Coeur
Anita Blake
Jami FR18 Download
28Fates of Love
Wonder Woman
BigHead FR13 Download
28I'll Have an Apocalypse and a 2X Armageddon To Go
Multiple Crossovers
tohonomike FR15 Download
22Star Wars- Episode IV: Hope Reborn
Star Wars
Naitch FR18 Download
19Ashes to Ashes
Anita Blake
Naffles FR18 Download
9Related Events
Modesty Blaise
MarcusRowland FR13 Download
Lucinda FR15 Download
Total votes in this category: 539.
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