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And the Winner is

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Best FFA Entry
57Christmas Falalalala-lidays -A Day In The Life Of
Buffy / Jack O'Neill
Sheilynn FR15 Download
42Christmas Falalalala-lidays -Financial Supporters
Buffy / Bruce Wayne
Sheilynn FR15 Download
39The great SG-1 FFA capeR
Xander / Martin Lloyd
Abby FR7 Download
38Christmas Falalalala-lidays -Ass Kicking is Just A
Buffy / Lucius Malfoy
Sheilynn FR15 Download
33The Bandersnatch
Buffy / Luna Lovegood
acs FR15 Download
24PR, Propaganda, and Power - Turn of Events
Buffy / Abby
Jmaria FR15 Download
Dawn / Wyatt Halliwell
Shannon FR7 Download
14Good Tidings We Bring - The Judgement of a God-Kin
Illyria / Lana
EenaAngel FR18 Download
Total votes in this category: 303.
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