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Judge's Citation: When looking through the stories that were nominated for the "Who's Your Daddy" award, I found some wonderfully entertaining stories. That set up is by the far the easiest way to make a crossover, but when it is done well, they can be great. Out of the entire list, I looked for the story that had what I felt was the best relationship develop between the BtVS character and their biological father. So congratulations to Tassos on a job well done.
Kayla Shay's Who's Your Daddy Award
1Bridges Tassos FR13 Download
0A Place to Belong Revello FR21 Download
0Common Ground ankhesenamen FR15 Download
0Daniel's Daughter RudesMom FR15 Download
0Dawn Winchester? dragonfan FR15 Download
0Distant Relations SierraPhoenix FR15 Download
0Evil is Relative CousinMary FR13 Download
0My daughter....the what? sevangel FR18 Download
0The Life of Brian echo FR15 Download
0The Lost Son Abby FR13 Download
0Xander Goes to Hogwarts amy FR21 Download
Total votes in this category: 1.
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