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And the Winner is

CharactersCrossoversMod AwardsOverallStory Types
Best Stargate Crossover
105Teal'c's Wish Nycorson FR15 Download
101Trick Or Treat Kei FR15 Download
91Bridges Tassos FR13 Download
84Far Beyond Normal jAkL FR15 Download
48Dawn Summers, Marine tals FR13 Download
25The Essence of Us Sheilynn FR13 Download
23Beyond Hope Ava FR18 Download
18Misunderstandings DonSample FR15 Download
17An Ancient Dilemma Mhalachai FR13 Download
15A Hacking Good Time Kei FR15 Download
12Hero for a New World captuniv FR13 Download
11An Unexpected Gift jedibuttercup FR13 Download
7Reunification Via the Pagan-Tech Express Sheilynn FR15 Download
5Don't Walk Away cjsplace FR13 Download
5In the Genes AlecStar FR15 Download
3Suspensions AmarinRose FR13 Download
Total votes in this category: 629.
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