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And the Winner is

CharactersCrossoversMod AwardsOverallStory Types
Best Pairing
137Father Goose and the Black Knight
Xander / Faith
litmouse FR18 Download
61The Magic of Wormholes
Willow / Daniel Jackson
lyapunov FR15 Download
56Absolute Freedom
Buffy / Methos
FaithUnbreakable FR15 Download
Buffy / Daniel Jackson
Krisztina FR13 Download
54Willow in Thorns
Willow / Cole Turner
zillagirl FR15 Download
45Holodeck 'Research'
Xander / Seven of Nine
AnimeRonin FR21 Download
37Girl In A Bar
Buffy / Ginny Weasley
acs FR15 Download
33Looking Back on it All
Xander / Remus Lupn
remusgirl FR21 Download
32Summer In Neptune
Buffy / Veronica Mars
PatK FR13 Download
28Family Issues
Willow / Tara
MarcusRowland FR13 Download
23To Watch The Storm
Xander / Storm
Valandar FR15 Download
18How To Live
Buffy / Jean-Claude
FaithUnbreakable FR15 Download
18How To Love
Buffy / Jean-Claude
FaithUnbreakable FR15 Download
Total votes in this category: 597.
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